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GB-8717465-D0: Wax shaping tool patent, GB-8717648-D0: Computer tomographic phantom patent, GB-8717874-D0: Corner protectors patent, GB-8718195-D0: Slatted shutters patent, GB-8718832-D0: Flexible cover for bath patent, GB-8719180-D0: Infusion device patent, GB-8719386-D0: Receptacles patent, GB-8719769-D0: Automatic door holding device patent, GB-8719812-D0: Draught proofing device patent, GB-8720515-D0: Vehicle roof construction patent, GB-8721165-D0: Chemical compounds patent, GB-8721969-D0: Apparatus for playing game patent, GB-8722210-D0: Stretch wrapping apparatus patent, GB-8723374-D0: House brick & block spacers patent, GB-8723945-D0: Grazing livestock enclosure patent, GB-8724260-D0: Dissociating ions by electron impact patent, GB-8724264-D0: Air flow control device patent, GB-8724914-D0: Blood purification apparatus patent, GB-8725246-D0: Disposal of contaminated/dangerous articles patent, GB-8725554-D0: Maximum brake warning for motor vehicles patent, GB-8726082-D0: Aerial patent, GB-8726447-D0: Harness/yoke patent, GB-8726755-D0: Golf club measuring device patent, GB-8726779-D0: Adhesive wound dressing patent, GB-8727903-D0: Display device patent, GB-8730001-D0: Control for load carrier of lift truck patent, GB-8800166-D0: Safety contacts for lamp/bulb holders patent, GB-8802256-D0: Device for hardness measuring instrument patent, GB-8803496-D0: Ultrasonic speed & direction indicator for gases & fluids patent, GB-8803505-D0: Improvements in integrated circuits patent, GB-8803532-D0: Espagnolette lock patent, GB-8804165-D0: Bed patent, GB-8805827-D0: Hardenable materials patent, GB-8805928-D0: Control system for lights of vehicle patent, GB-8807044-D0: Explosive cutting device with waveguide patent, GB-8808316-D0: Metrology patent, GB-8808354-D0: Article of furniture patent, GB-8809116-D0: Structure vibration reduction patent, GB-8809498-D0: Adhesive applicator device patent, GB-8809877-D0: Interchangeable decorative additions for spectacle frames patent, GB-8811178-D0: Metering aerosol valve usable in upsidedown position patent, GB-8811421-D0: Tipped cutters patent, GB-8811603-D0: Acoustic fresh air ventilator patent, GB-8811681-D0: Circular billiard table patent, GB-8811904-D0: Animal hair collector patent, GB-8811990-D0: Leak detector patent, GB-8812120-D0: Location sensing apparatus patent, GB-8812583-D0: Boosted d c supply circuit & luminaire employing same patent, GB-8813276-D0: Insulated glassware patent, GB-8813312-D0: Maple sap evaporator with energy saving device patent, GB-8814194-D0: Low loss oxide magnetic material patent, GB-8814477-D0: Sublimation method patent, GB-8814738-D0: Mixtures patent, GB-8814809-D0: Active compounds patent, GB-8815510-D0: Stamp perforation gauge patent, GB-8815746-D0: Serial arithmetic processor patent, GB-8815870-D0: Titanium compounds composition containing them & their preparation patent, GB-8816021-D0: Pump & coupling device for pump patent, GB-8816830-D0: Method for introducing additive to paint patent, GB-8817462-D0: Folding top for vehicles patent, GB-8817611-D0: Flexible joints patent, GB-8818157-D0: Door lock/unlock detector for use in theft prevention device for automobiles patent, GB-8818334-D0: Silage additive patent, GB-8818773-D0: Emergency exit device for door patent, GB-8819461-D0: Peristaltic pump patent, GB-8820026-D0: Fluid control valve patent, GB-8820029-D0: Biopsy apparatus patent, GB-8820357-D0: Solid alkene polymerization catalyst components & process for their preparation patent, GB-8820675-D0: Selective video playing system patent, GB-8820709-D0: Laminated glass patent, GB-8821619-D0: Labelling of broadcast programmes patent, GB-8821946-D0: Mudflaps for motor vehicles patent, GB-8822110-D0: Card dispenser patent, GB-8822509-D0: Composition patent, GB-8823419-D0: Panel frame patent, GB-8823529-D0: Journal assembly patent, GB-8824098-D0: Automatic filling device patent, GB-8824444-D0: Sorting particulater material on basis of size-composition patent, GB-8825056-D0: Alkene polymerization process & catalyst compositions therefor patent, GB-8825435-D0: Detection of non metallic material patent, GB-8825560-D0: Improvements in & relating to a beam patent, GB-8826619-D0: Bleaching systems patent, GB-8827202-D0: Process for preparing 63-carboxyamides of teicoplanin antibiotics patent, GB-8828121-D0: Fluid flow inducer patent, GB-8829549-D0: Process for the preparation of benzothiazole-2-sulphenamides patent, GB-8829556-D0: New cyclosporin crystal form processes for its production pharmaceutical compositions containing it and its use patent, GB-8829713-D0: Microencapsulated cockroach-controlling composition patent, GB-8830267-D0: Gearbox selector mechanism patent, GB-8900379-D0: Farrowing crates patent, GB-8901111-D0: Apparatus for use in detecting the presence of liquid patent, GB-8901330-D0: Improvements relating to locking assemblies patent, GB-8901927-D0: Method of,and apparatus for,controlling mould filling patent, GB-8902146-D0: Refrigeration systems patent, GB-8902243-D0: Queue reduction system patent, GB-8902681-D0: Coaxial load cell patent, GB-8902682-D0: Portable vibrating device for fruit picking patent, GB-8903500-D0: Method and apparatus for cutting apertures patent, GB-8903629-D0: Metal/polymer laminates patent, GB-8905076-D0: Signal spreader patent, GB-8905110-D0: Electrochemical cell patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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